Mayor's Action Center

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What is the Mayor’s Action Center (MAC)?

  • The Mayor’s Action Center, also known as the MAC is the Indianapolis customer service line pertaining to city services.

How do I contact the MAC?

  • To report an issue (see below), call 317-327-4622. Always, always, always ask for a confirmation number when making a report if they don’t offer one.
  • There is also the RequestIndy mobile app available through Apple Apps and Google Apps. You can use the app 24 hours a day.

How to Contact MAC

  • By Phone: 8am-5pm Monday – Wednesday, Friday and Thursday 8am – 2pm, 3pm – 5pm
    Don’t forget to get the confirmation number!
  • The RequestIndy mobile app will provide a confirmation number and is available 24/7/365

Issues that may be reported by calling the MAC or by submitting an issue through the RequestIndy app are:

  • Stray animals or other animal problems (including dogs & cats)
  • Potholes, street maintenance, signs and signal problems
  • Streets, Signs & Signals, Snow & Ice
  • High grass and weeds, tree problems, and environmental concerns on city property or properties not in McFarland Farms
  • Trash, Graffiti and Dumping in and out of the neighborhood
  • Zone Violations, Untagged Vehicles or vehicles with flat tires, operating a business with foot traffic out of the home
  • Issues within public parks related to trees, graffiti, potholes, playground equipment, or dog parks
  • Public Street Lights: Requests for new street lights and public street lights that are not working

Once you have submitted your issue via the MAC or RequestIndy App, feel free to submit your issue to MFPOA as well using the form if we need to advocate on your behalf for a solution.

Follow Up Form for MAC