Get Your New or Replacement Pool Pass

If you moved into the neighborhood after Labor Day 2022, and the previous owner did not leave the pool pass for you, you are entitled to a pass free of charge. We will issue a replacement pass if your pass doesn’t work. Use the Free Pass form. Lost passes cost $15 to replace. Fill out the correct form and your new pass will be issued once the fees clear or its determined that it’s a pass issue.

We suggest you add an AirTag or Tile tracker to the provided lanyard if you have a tendency to misplace things like keys.

Pool Passes Are Here

Pool pass requests are done once a day and delivered in a yellow envelope taped to your front door after 9pm daily.

  • (+1)000-0000
  • Upload Mobile Deposit Ready Front and Back Images of your Check

Make sure your check image follows these conditions:

  • Take pictures in a well-lit area.
  • Avoid shadows such as those created by holding the camera between the check and the light source.
  • Take the picture of your check against a darker background color.
  • Make sure the check is not cut off by the edge of the view window, a deep shadow, or other objects. All four corners of the check need to be visible.
  • Make sure the image is sharp and focused.  For some devices this means pulling back from the check so the image does not blur.

  • (+1) 000-0000

  • (+1)-000-000-0000
  • MM/YY or Number on the Defective Pass